Don’t Find a Job – Create a Job

Start a Dog Walking BusinessWe all know the job market is pretty dreary. Unemployment is high, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. It seems that no matter how hard some people try, finding a job in this economy is next to impossible. If you love dogs and have been thinking about starting your own business, now seems like the perfect time.

Stop spending time searching for a job. Start a dog walking business! Don’t worry – this is not a sales pitch, I promise. I am not here to try and sell you some program that shows you how to start your own business or service. In fact, the only things that are really sold on are business listings to help dog owners connect with local dog walking services.

The point of my post is to give you a kick in the tail to get you up and motivated. Do a bit of research in your state and city to see what is required of starting a company. We have some tips on starting a dog walking company, but those are just tips and not really anything more than some free advice we’re happy to share.

I started my own Internet company several years ago, and I haven’t looked back. I work a lot (just ask my wife), but I don’t work for anyone else and I can make my own hours. If you are able to start a dog walking company, you can become self reliant. Find dog owners who will become clients, and if you serve them well, they will refer you to others. You’ll be able to make your own hours and build your business.

The best part is that pretty much anyone who is responsible and self-motivated can do this. If you want to find a dog walking job, that’s totally cool, too… we can even possibly help if you follow the previous link. However, starting your own company can be a great way to create your own job.