Donít Be Left Out in The Cold For The Holidays!

When it comes to holidays, everyone starts planning early. During that planning some people forget about Fido or Mittens before its too late. Most kennels and boarding facilities book up 6-8 weeks in advance, so where do you turn?

Pet-sitters are a wonderful alternative to boarding facilities! But keep in mind they will reach a certain limit of clients as well. It is always good to book your pet-sitter as soon as you finalize your travel plans. You want to have plenty of time for the sitter to come over, do a consultation and get to know your pet. Here are some tips for finding the right pet-sitter for you:

  • Check reviews and references- Ask your friends and neighbors who they use. Do your homework when it comes to the person caring for your four-legged friends.
  • Always go with someone bonded and insured. This will help to give you a sense of security while you are away.
  • Donít be afraid to ask questions at the initial consultation. Ask how many sitters will be attending to your pets. Some companies are privately owned while others have multiple employees. Ask what a pet sit entails. Make sure you are comfortable and reassured with the process.
  • Have the sitter come over prior to the actual vacation stay for an afternoon dog walk to make sure things go smoothly.
  • Let the sitter know if there are certain things that your pet enjoys. It can be anything from a daily cuddle session to listening to music while no one is there to sleeping on a special blanket. Pet-sitters want to make your pet feel as comfortable as possible while you are away.

If youíre new as a pet sitting client or you use the same person every year, get those reservations in! We have to turn so many people away 2 or 3 weeks prior to a holiday because they forgot about booking us. Donít be left out in the cold!

Summer Martin is a native of North Carolina and has worked for†Camp Bow Wow†since 2007. She became their marketing director in 2009. As part of her job she helps raise money for non-profit rescue groups, as well as others in need in the community.