to Help Animal Rescues & Non-Profits

Dog RescueEvery day when I look through Twitter and through my news feeds, I see links to news articles about dogs that are looking for good homes, dogs that have been abused by owners, and dogs that may be euthanized because of space issues at shelters. Seeing these articles really saddens me. I work from home, and spend much of my day sitting next to my dog – (she doesn’t work much) so it makes it even more difficult to hear about dogs that need help.

I want to help some of these great non-profit organizations that help dogs and other animals by giving back some of the money generated by this website. I am currently in the process of emailing dog rescues, animal shelters, and other non-profit organizations that help dogs to make this offer, but I doubt I will be able to reach most of them. Because of this, I am going to make this offer publicly in the hopes that those I am unable to reach will be able to see it:

If a non-profit pet organization refers any dog walking service or dog walkers to purchase an annual listing on, I will donate 20% of the listing fee ($10.00) to the organization. I encourage these organizations to┬álet their dog walker friends know that when they sign up, they just need to reply to the Thank You email and say “I was referred by [Organization Name]” and I will reach out to the organization to see whether they accept Paypal or credit card. It’s that simple.

If you know of a dog walker that should be listed on, please let that person/company know about this offer. Likewise, if you’re a dog walker and you support a great non-profit organization, please sign up and let me know which one you support. I will happily make a donation on your behalf.

Photo: Flickr