Special Twitter Offer on TwitterWell, we finally signed up for an account on Twitter and are in the process of connecting with old friends and hopefully making some new ones as well. Twitter is a great service that will allow us to connect with dog owners and hopefully connect with people who are looking for a dog walker, so that we can refer them to dog walking companies already listed on

To help celebrate’s new presence on Twitter, we want to make a special offer available to companies who pay for a listing this week. For every $49 paid listing that is made on based on our new Twitter account, the parent company of will make a $20 donation to the non-profit pet organization of the dog walker’s choice.

Once you receive your email confirmation with a link to your live listing, just reply to it and mention your Twitter handle and the non-profit organization you would like to support. We will find the donation page on their website, and we’ll send them a donation within 24 hours.  We’ll also forward you a copy of the receipt so you will know your listing helped support a good cause of your choice.

This is a limited time offer, which will expire on October 11, 2010.