Has Moved to Godaddy 4GH Hosting

Websites do not simply exist in the vacuum of the Internet; downloads of page text and graphics and uploads of user data must pass through a specific, physical computer or group of computers somewhere in the world. Web hosting is the service of providing these computers that store the website content and deliver it to site visitors and is, in many cases, the single largest expense associated with operating a website.

Only the largest Internet services operate the own server farms: large buildings that contain literally thousands or tens of thousands of computers consuming large amounts of power and requiring expensive, robust internet connections. For most websites, like, the option that best balances cost and scalability is to contract with an outside web hosting firm to provide these services.

After three years with its prior web hosting service, and after enjoying significant growth, has recently switched to the GoDaddy 4GH web hosting service. While most hosting services require clients to pay for a certain amount of hosting capacity (i.e. page views) per month, the 4GH service flexibly allocates resources to match site traffic. This means that will never have to pay for hosting capacity it does not use, nor be forced offline by insufficient capacity if visitation spikes.

By better allocating its hosting resources, will be able to spend more on aspects of the site experience that directly benefit end users, like better search tools, more moderation of listings and lower costs, while maintaing a responsive website and minimizing downtime.

Since GoDaddy is a leading provider web hosting services, 4GH hosting will be able to adapt seamlessly to future growth at By not having to worry about whether the web hosting solution will be sufficient at every step along the way, will be able to focus on its core goal of connecting dog owners to local dog walkers.

The move from the previous hosting company to GoDaddy was seamless, and the technical support and account management team did a great job of assisting along the way, to ensure there was almost no downtime or impact on visitors.  Moving to GoDaddy was a good experience, and the speed and uptime of will benefit advertisers and visitors.