Featured in Chicago Tribune was featured in an article written by columnist William Hageman,¬†which appeared in the newspaper on January 18, 2012 in the Chicago Tribune. The premise of the article was how to get companionship from dogs and other animals when you can’t or don’t own a pet.

Two ideas to have animal companionship without ownership mentioned in the article included visiting a local dog park and becoming a professional (or hobbyist) dog walker. Both of these activities would allow an animal lover to be around dogs but not have to have the full responsibility and costs associated with ownership.

The first idea that was discussed in the article was to visit a dog park. Elliot Silver, who owns and, commented that¬†“visiting a dog park is a great way for people to be around dogs without the responsibility of owning one,” because it can be “a good way to get a child acclimated with dogs if they are thinking about buying or adopting one.”

Becoming a dog walker is also a great way to be around dogs, but it’s obviously more responsibility than simply visiting a dog park. Not only does a dog walking job allow a pet lover to spend time with dogs, but it also is a great way to earn some extra money on the side. Dog lovers can make their own hours and work when they wish to work. They have added responsibility to care for dogs, but instead of paying others, they will be paid.

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