– 10,000 Visits in 30 Days!

I don’t like to “toot our own horn” as they say, but I am very proud of the latest accomplishment – 10,000+ visits in 30 days. As I’ve mentioned in the past, traffic to continues to grow each month. The website was created in late November / early December of 2009, and it’s seen incredible growth in the last year.

First we hit 1,000 visits, then 3,000 visits…etc. Now it’s over 10,000 visits in 30 days… Wow!  Thank you for coming and returning!

When the website was launched, saw somewhere around 5 visits a day, meaning that in a month, there were only around 150 visits. As people became more aware of the website due to good search engine optimization and marketing, traffic continued to grow.

I am very proud of the fact that around 50% of the traffic comes from search engines, because it shows that our website efforts are paying off. However, I am even more proud of the fact that around a quarter of the traffic is direct navigation traffic. To me, this means that people are learning about from friends and family, and instead of searching Google or Bing, they are coming directly to the site!