dog*tec’s Dog Walking Academy Now in North Carolina

dogtec.orgdog*tec held its first Dog Walking Academy in California in 2003, and it has been offering classes outside of its main campus over the last few years. In 2011, the organization opened an outpost in New York City, and this year, dog*tec is expanding to the state of North Carolina.

The organization welcomes Lisa and Brad Waggoner to its Dog Walking Academy team in North Carolina. Lisa and Brad are opening their training facility in Murphy, North Carolina to experienced and would-be dog walkers in the South seeking certification and continued education in the field of dog walking.

Lisa and Brad couldn’t be more qualified. Here’s a bit about them:

Lisa Waggoner, CPDT-KA, PMCT

Lisa has been training dogs since 1996. She’s the founder of Cold Nose College in Murphy, North Carolina, where she provides behavior consulting and training solutions for her clients through small group classes, day school, and private training. Lisa is a CPDT-KA and a Pat Miller Certified Trainer. She’s also a freelance writer with a dog training & behavior specialty and a reviewer for APDT’s Chronicle of the Dog.

Brad Waggoner, KPA-CTP  

Brad is the co-owner of Cold Nose College and a full time trainer, working with clients both one on one and through group classes. He is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training & Behavior. Brad is a School Education Program volunteer for the Valley River Humane Society, where he helps students learn about humane dog training, pet safety and dog bite prevention.

They both love teaching and it shows. Together they create an open, joyful class experience based on the notion that positive reinforcement is for people, too.

Classes in North Carolina will be offered on the following dates: April 19-22, 2012 and October 18-21, 2012. For more information or to sign up for the Dog Walking Academy, visit: