dog*tec Dog Walking Academy 2012 Schedule

dogtec.orgdog*tec is one of the leading organizations that helps train dog walkers and dog walking services. Its Dog Walking Academy has graduated hundreds of professional dog walkers, and attending is a great way to help build a new business or improve an existing business. For more information or to sign up for the Dog Walking Academy, visit the dog*tec website.

The organization now offers classes across the United States, and the 2012 class schedule for the dog*tec Dog Walking Academy is posted below:

San Francisco, California
April 19-22
April 26-29
October 25-28
November 1-4

Murphy, North Carolina
April 19-22
October 18-21

Seattle, WA
February 23-26
May 24-27
October 4-7

Hudson, New York
March 23-25

Swanzey, New Hampshire
June 14-17

Arlington, Virgina
November 10-13