Dog Waste Disposal

If you are tired of picking up after your pooch or just don’t have the time to keep your yard completely free of pet waste, you don’t need to resign yourself to always watching where you step every time you set foot outside your door. You can hire a dog waste disposal business, also known as a pooper scooper, to get rid of unwanted dog waste and keep your yard smelling sweet and safe for inattentive feet.

Dog waste that builds up in the yard not only attracts flies and other pests, it can also get onto the shoes and clothing of anyone working or playing outside. It can also cling to your dog’s feet or fur. When poop gets tracked into the home, it can create unsanitary conditions and put you and your family at risk of disease. In some areas, dog waste disposal is prohibited in regular trash.

A dog waste disposal business comes to your home on a regular schedule to remove all of the dog poop from your yard. The worker will scour the yard to find hidden areas where your dog left a smelly deposit you might not have noticed. You’ll end up with a cleaner, more sanitary yard.
A family with a single dog may only need to use this kind of service once a month or on a biweekly basis. However, if you have two or more dogs, or a single dog that seems to produce a lot more poop than normal, you might want to opt for weekly or twice a week service.

Most pooper scooper businesses charge about $15 per visit, although they might give discounts if you schedule a few months worth of waste disposal in advance. The first visit will likely cost more because the worker will have to clean up waste that has been left in the yard for a while.

After the dog waste disposal worker has finished the job, he or she will usually take the dog poop away for proper disposal, so you don’t ever have to worry about it stinking up your garbage can.