Dog Walking Services vs. Pooper Scooper Services

Although there are a few companies who perform both dog walking services and pooper scooper services, each one is a specific kind of business. A pooper scooper service is concerned with keeping the yard in your home or business free of dog waste. A dog walking service is generally more concerned with taking care of your dog and making sure it gets exercise, in addition to relief.

A pooper scooper service comes to your home or business to remove dog poop. They come on a weekly basis, bag it up, and place it in the trash or bring it to their facility to use as fertilizer. Usually your dog can stay in the yard while they work. Most companies sanitize their equipment to keep from cross contaminating your yard from other customers.

A good service will let you know if they see unusual stools or if your dog ate any objects that came out in their poop. The services who do the extras even refill a dog’s water bowl. This kind of service is beneficial if the family has children that also play in the yard. Not all pooper scooper services offer these additional services

A dog walking service makes sure that your dog gets his exercise. For busy pet owners a dog walking service is invaluable. A professional service will offers play time with your dog as well as a walk to stretch his legs and get out of the house or yard. For pet owners who are busy or away traveling a dog walker can offer the attention the dog needs. Dogs that are neglected may chew, destroy objects or dig up yards. An overweight pet can also benefit from the extra exercise.

Dog owners need to determine whether they need to hire a dog walker or a pooper scooper, although sometimes both might be in order. Those who let their dogs run free in their yard might prefer a pooper scooper, while those who prefer that their dog get a set regimen of exercise and/or attention should choose the services of a dog walker.