Dog Walking Services in Pittsburgh

A person looking for dog walking services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has lots of options. It’s wise for dog owners to learn a little about a dog walking service or a local dog walker before signing up. Read on to find out more about the details involved in hiring a dog walker in Pittsburgh.

Generally, there are several services that a dog walking business offers. For example, a dog walker may walk the dog in a neighborhood or park. Some dog walkers walk their clients’ dogs on trails in the woods. It all depends upon the preferences of the dog’s owner. No matter the environment, a dog gets exercise and relieves itself. A dog walker will often play frisbee or some other game with the dog to give it even more of an opportunity to stretch its legs.

Many dog walkers go to dog parks where the dog gets a chance to socialize with other dogs there. Normally, after returning to the client’s home the dog walker will make sure the dog has enough food and water. This is helpful to a client in the event that the dog knocks over its water bowl sometime during the day. Dog walkers play a part in making sure the dog is safe and receives proper exercise during the day when a client is away.

In the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania there are quite a few dog parks where a dog walker may go to enjoy time with a client’s dog. South Park Dog Park is one example of a place where a dog walker may go. Green Tree Borough Dog Park and Riverview Dog Park are also ideas for a dog walker when it comes to socializing and giving the dog proper exercise.

A person looking to hire a dog walker in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania can expect to pay approximately $10 to $15.00 an hour. Of course, the cost per hour depends upon the experience and skills of the dog walker. Some dog walking services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania may offer a group rate for a client with a few dogs to walk.