Dog Walking Services in Dallas

Dallas Dog WalkingDog walking services are a great way to meet your dog’s daily exercise requirements while you’re busy at work or meeting other obligations. There are a number of professional dog walkers, dog walking services, and pet care companies in the Dallas, Texas area that offer a number of services to meet the needs of dogs and their owners alike.

When you can’t walk your dog during the day, it’s nice to know that there will be someone you can count on to take your dog for a walk. Many dog walking services also offer other services as well, to make it easier on you. Read about services offered by Dallas dog walkers, and see if hiring a dog walking service is the right move for you.

Services Available
Dallas dog walking companies specialize in one on one and multiple dog walks. Many companies offer discounts for walking several dogs from the same home. In addition to getting exercise, dogs also practice road safety and any behavioral or obedience training is reinforced during the visit. Dogs enjoy the time spent with their dog walker and have an outlet for their energy which, in turn, reduces the frequency of destructive behavior while they are home alone.

Find a Dallas Dog Walker

Some companies also offer companionship services that include feeding and grooming in addition to walking or playing with your dog. For ill or elderly dogs, there are optional senior pet and medical visits. Services may also be offered early in the morning or late in the evening, on weekends, and even on holidays to suit the needs of busy owners. In addition, some companies offer pooper scooper services and pet transportation / pet taxi services to take your dog to the veterinarian or other appointments.

Local Dog Parks
Dog walkers may take your dog to a number of local dog parks in the Dallas area. These include the fenced in Bark Park Central and White Rock Lake Dog Park, as well as open areas like Deep Elem Dog Park and Mockingbird Point Leach Free Run. The Unleashed Indoor Dog Park is a full-service dog exercise area where supplies and treats are also sold.

Dallas Dog Walker Rates
Rates for Dallas dog walking services vary depending on the number of dogs and the length of the visit. A 15-30 minute walk for one dog costs $15 to $20. Longer visits, ranging in length from 45-60 minutes, run anywhere from $25 to $36. Special services like early morning, late evening, weekend, or holiday visits cost an additional $5 to $10. Additional services like feeding a dog or giving a dog medication may be included in some premium services. Additional dogs are typically walked at reduced rates of $2 to $5 per dog.

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