Dog Walking Services in Atlanta

Atlanta Dog WalkingAtlanta, Georgia dog owners love their pets and enjoy spending time with them. Walking the dog is an enjoyable daily bonding experience for both pet and owner. However, there are some times when a dog owner needs time alone. The individual may have to report to work. He or she might have grocery shopping or other errands to run. Occasionally, one might desire an early night on the town. These events might make dog walking challenging. Fortunately, professional dog walking services can help an owner in his or her time of great need.

What are Dog Walking Services?

Dog walking services are sitting services that include dog walking. Professional personnel come out and visit the homes of clients who need their dogs walked. The representative will take the dog on a 30-minute walk and make sure he or she receives the required exercise. The individual might opt to walk the dog around the local neighborhood or at a dog park like Piedmont Park, Grant Park or Mason Mill.

Find an Atlanta Dog Walker

Customers can tailor the dog walker visits to what they need, depending on their schedule, holidays, and the dog walker’s availability. Some dog walking service providers also offer overnight sitting services and additional accommodations. Additional services a provider may offer include feeding, playing, trash removal, medication administration, pet taxi, boarding and accident clean up. Many professional dog walkers and dog walking services are affiliated with a full service pet care company, or they offer those services on their own.

Dog Walking Times

Providers are available all hours of the day or night, 365 days per year. A dog owner can go on vacation for an entire week and retain a week’s worth of services. Individuals who only need services one time can request such. Providers can come out to the customer’s home as early as 6:00 a.m. to take his or her pet on an early morning adventure. They can care for pets on weekends and holidays as well. Whatever the consumer needs, dog walking service providers can definitely give.

Cost of Dog Walking

The cost of a 30-minute dog walk is approximately $19. Rates vary according to services and accommodations. Most professional services have CPR trained personnel who are also efficient in pet coaching. Many companies also make sure their employees have licenses, bonds and security clearance through extensive criminal background checks.

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