Dog Walking Prices and Rates

Dog WalkingThe rate a dog walker charges varies depending on the city in which you live, the amount of time per walk, and the experience of the dog walker that you hire.

In some large (and expensive) cities like New York City, dog walkers can charge around $15-20 for a 30 minute walk, while the same $15 might get you an hour long walk in cities such as Houston or San Diego. In San Francisco, dog walker rates can run up to $30 for a half hour walk. Longer walks can cost even more.

You should also be aware that professional dog walkers will generally charge more for a walk than a teenager or someone who is doing it for a little money on the side. You might be able to get a local teen to walk your dog for just $10, but the teenager might not be as experienced as someone who walks dogs for a living.

Professional dog walkers will generally have more experience with dogs, may have insurance and bonding, and will probably be more available for a steady dog walking job.

Another consideration that goes into the cost of dog walking is whether your dog will be walked alone or in a pack with other dogs. If your dog is walked alone, you can expect to pay more for the service. If other dogs are walked with yours, it will be less expensive. The downside with pack walking is that your dog will receive less attention and you need to consider whether your dog gets along with other dogs well enough to do this.

You might consider using someone who walks dogs as a side job in the event of an emergency or urgent situation, but for steady jobs, you will generally want to hire a professional dog walker. It might cost you a bit more, but you’ll be assured that your dog is in the hands of someone with dog walking experience, and you will know your dog will come first – not other commitments.

One piece of advice we can give is that you might wish to contact more than one dog walker whose listing you find on to compare rates. Make sure you ask how long the walk will be and if there will be other dogs being walked at the same time!