Dog Walking in Washington DC

Dog Walker in Washington DCBetween the vast array of choices between dog parks and the scenic layout of DC, walking a dog can be an adventure, even for the seasoned dog walker in Washington DC. Walking along the Potomac River is a favorite, at times releasing the dogs to play in the water during the summer heat. If you aren’t planning on releasing them, wandering along the Mount Vernon Trail will allow you and your companions to meet to friends and have a great time.

If nothing else, meandering through the monuments can be an enjoyable experience for the history buffs. Tourists will enjoy playing with a friendly dog, and a bringing light to an excitable child is always a bonus. Many stores are dog friendly and will provide an outside seating area; some even have doggy menus to share a delicious breakfast with man’s best friend… that is, if you have time to take a break and enjoy the day.

For dog walking, $20-$30 for an hour is a standard price. For larger energetic canines, dog parks (like Capitol Hill’s Kingsman Dog Park) are an excellent area to allow them to release all of their extra available energy . Price variance is generally for special treatment. Some owners require special locations to be visited, like the Potomac or dog-friendly cafes. One owner asked for 20 minutes in the Potomac every day for water training.

Dog walking services are also offered by many companies and individuals in Virginia and Maryland, as long as the distance is within reach. Variability is always a source of new adventure, and dog walkers may look for new parks or trails to travel with their canine clients.

When walking your own dogs, make sure to bring along your waste control tools, receiving a ticket for not taking care of your dog’s waste can be expensive, and embarrassing. Dogs are naturally inquisitive, but make sure that while they are in your trust, take care to keep them out of dangerous situations. But from time to time, let them be free and explore their surroundings with the zeal that only dogs can muster when making a new squirrel friend. When working with a professional dog walker, make sure to check their background and references!

Photo: Flickr