Thank The Dog Walkers Who Brave the Snow

Dog Walkers in the SnowThis winter sure has been something on the east coast. Here in New York City, we saw over 20″ inches of snow today, bringing the total to around 47″ (in Central Park) for the season. Considering that the average snowfall amount annually is just 17″ inches, this has been quite the season for snow!

Many people are able to make special accommodations with work and children when the snowstorm hits, but not dog walkers. I saw plenty of dog walkers in New York today, braving the horrible conditions to ensure that dogs in their care get the exercise they need and the relief that is required.

Likewise, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and other northeast cities have seen exceptional amounts of snow this season. In the next few days, please take some extra time to thank your dog walker. Walking dogs in the snow isn’t necessarily bad, but in some cities with poor snow removal capabilities, it’s much more difficult.

I waded through six inches of sloppy puddle several times today, and it wasn’t fun. I saw plenty of dog walkers doing the same. Sometimes it’s a thankless job, so let’s make an extra effort to thank our dog walkers!

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