Dog Walkers Should Wear Company Shirts

People are so busy these days, it can be hard for them to take time to do research when they need to hire someone, such as when they need the services of a dog walker. A great way to find qualified people to do a particular job is to see them in action, demonstrating their services in public. With this in mind, it becomes clear that dog walkers should wear company shirts when they are performing their services.

In many professions, workers wear clothing that identifies the company for whom they work. A shirt or jacket emblazoned with the company’s name helps distinguish the employee and shows that the company cares about its image. It also makes customers feel more secure when workers are wearing branded clothing that identifies them with a company.

Imagine being a dog owner in search of a new dog walker, and seeing someone walking a dog in a professional, experienced manner. If he was wearing a shirt or jacket that identifies the company she works for, the dog owner will instantly have more information and view her more credibly than if he was just wearing casual, nondescript clothing. Whether a dog walker owns his own business or is employed by a large dog walking service, if his clothing helps to market the company, it will tend to attract more potential customers.

A shirt or jacket that has the name of the dog walking company should also include its phone number and website. This way, potential customers don’t have to feel that they must introduce themselves, but can instead later call the company or check it out online. This marketing principle can be seen in all kinds of service industries. You can see phone numbers on the shirts of people making food deliveries, for example, or on the jacket of a technician who is out in the field doing service calls.

The fact that a dog walker is publicly associated with the company through branded clothing means that he must always be on his best behavior. It wouldn’t be appropriate to wear the company’s name while yelling at a dog, for example, or otherwise being rude or unpleasant. Likewise, a branded dog walker should not smoke in public, and he should always be mindful of the dogs in his care.

The simple act of wearing the dog walking company’s name can lead to a large increase in new customers and an improved bottom line.