Dog Walkers: Offer a Pet Taxi Service

Dog TransportationIn busy metropolitan areas, dog walkers can be lifesavers – for the dog owners and their dogs. Busy professionals, parents with children , and older adults often struggle to meet all the demands of a hectic life. Between careers, kids’ school, and taking care of the home, caring for the family pet can easily get pushed into the background. When it does, Fido or Spot can become as disruptive as a toddler, getting into trouble to get the attention they need.

Dog walking services benefit both the pet and the family. By getting the animals out for regular exercise, the pet is happier, healthier, and burns off some of it’s extra energy, The result is a better tempered animal that is a better companion to the family. Because dog walkers already have relationships with the pet owners and their animals, they have an opportunity to expand their businesses by offering pet transportation, commonly known as pet taxi services.

Here are some of the advantages dog walkers have working in their favor if they choose to expand into this area:

Relationship with the dog
Dog walkers already have relationship with the dog and their owner. Taking an animal to the vet can be stressful to the animal. The dog walker may know more about the dog’s temperament than the pet’s busy owner. Dog walkers are in the perfect position to communicate with the vet about the animal’s behavior, and keep it calm as they travel to and from the vet’s office.

Dog walkers love animals
Dog walkers are already providing a service they love by caring for the canine pet population. By adding a pet taxi service, they can expand their host of services, earn more money from each client. Someone once said if you find something you love for a career, you will never work a day in your life. Dog walkers who offer this service provide a beneficial service to the owner as well as the animal, because busy pet owners often overlook the importance of regular vet visits because of their time-crunched schedules.

Already driving to see clients
This might seem obvious, but since many dog walkers already drive their cars to visit clients, they might as well offer pet taxi services as well. They can take their dogs on a walk and then drive them to an appointment.

There are a few considerations that dog walking services and dog walkers need to make before offering dog transportation.

Dog walkers / drivers will need to be okay with their car getting dirty. Most dogs shed and many dogs will be dirty. In addition, not all dogs handle sitting in a car well, and they could get car sick. Another consideration is that a pet taxi service may need to have additional type of insurance to transport dogs. Finally, larger dog walking services will need to be sure they have an adequate number of licensed drivers.

Offering dog transportation may be an easy way for a dog walking service or independent dog walker to make some additional revenue.

Photo: Flickr