Dog Walkers: Advertise and Get New Clients

Dog walking referrals are great, and they are probably the lifeblood for most dog walking services. Sometimes, though, referrals aren’t enough to keep a dog walking business afloat. It is especially difficult for new services to get referrals, even if the person has been walking dogs for many years. is a website that can help dog walkers and companies get new clients, and I want to let you know how we can help your business grow.

Did you know that had around 125,000 visits in 2012? So far in 2013, we have had nearly 50,000 visits. Many of these visitors are searching for a dog walker, and it’s quite possible that these visitors are looking for someone to walk the dog in your area. These people search by city, town, zip code, and neighborhood. If there aren’t listings in the area, unfortunately, we can’t help them and they have to look elsewhere.

Having a listing on can help bring you new business. Instead of only relying on referrals, you can ramp it up and get new clients online. Sign up and create a listing today! I bet one new client will pay for your listing many times over.

Take a look at the phone book (if you still have one). Under pet care services, there are probably lots of dog walkers listed.