Dog Walker Resume: Tips & Advice

Let’s say that you’ve decided you want to get a job as a professional dog walker, or you’d like to take on some part-time work, and you need to put together a resume. Whether you are posting your resume online or distributing it in the local pet care companies and dog walking services, you probably need some tips regarding information that absolutely should appear on a dog walker’s resume.

We are happy to offer you some advice. We can also share a resource on where you can find dog walking jobs.

Experience with Animals

Dogs have all different types of personalities, and their owners want to make sure you are aware of this fact. Therefore, pet care services or dog walking services are going to want to see that you have experience working with animals before they hire you. Perhaps you were once an assistant at a local veterinarian office, or maybe you volunteer at the local dog shelter. Whatever it is, be sure to highlight your experience working with animals, especially dogs. You should list your responsibilities at these jobs.

General Care Experience

Of course, if you have acted as a dog walker before, you want to put that information on your resume. Many companies would like to see that you have experience caring for both people and pets. For example, if you have been watching children for the past decade, the dog owners will know that you are a caring and nurturing person. Dog owners want to make sure their dog walkers are reliable, trustworthy, and competent.

In addition to listing these related experience, you should also list your other jobs as well. Just because it’s not pet-related doesn’t mean a company won’t hire you. In fact, many companies want to hire people with additional work experience.


Unless the job posting specifically asks that you do not include references, it generally cannot hurt to put them in there. Remember, many dog owners consider their pets to be their children, and dog walking services want to make their clients comfortable with their dog walkers. They want to know that you are a reputable and reliable person who is not going to hurt or lose their animal. As a result, they will want to see professional references. Personal references can be difficult because family members and friends are almost certain to give you a positive review no matter what your work ethic is actually like.

Crafting a resume to be a dog walker also requires that you include the basic information. Pet service providers will want to know if you went to school, where you attended and any other work experience you have had. Create a resume that is truly professional and polished to really appeal to your audience.