Dog Walker Insurance – Why It’s Necessary

If you are planning on becoming a dog walker, insurance for your business is mandatory. Even if you are the most responsible person, there are so many things that can go wrong while walking a dog. Insurance will protect you if the dog bites someone or is injured while you are out on your walk. It will also cover any property damage that could occur. You can also protect yourself in the event an employee has an issue while working for you.

Dog bites can be very dangerous and expensive. You might think that you can prevent biting by keeping the dog on a leash, but there have been many instances of a dog slipping out of its leash or pulling the leash out of a walker’s hand. Instead of earning money from your business, your business could suddenly be costing you thousands of dollars.

What will you do if an accident happens, and the dog you are walking is injured or killed? If you have insurance, at least you have peace of mind. You will know that any vet bills will be taken care of, or the owners will be compensated for the loss of their dog.

As a dog walker, you also run a chance of being sued. A person being bitten by the dog in your care might sue you for negligence. The dog owner could sue you for negligence as well. Insurance will cover you and protect your business in the case of a lawsuit.

In addition to protecting your business in the event of accidents, insurance will also help you to land dog walking clients. Your prospective clients are much more likely to think of you as a professional, knowing that you have insurance coverage. Many people will not even think of entrusting their dog to someone who does not have insurance.

When you hire dog walkers for your company, having insurance is an added piece of mind. Of course you’re going to do a background check on your employees, but there can always be problems and issues. When employees are out with your clients’ dogs and in their homes, things can go wrong, and you’ll want to be insured.

The cost of insurance is a small price to pay for protecting your business from ruin in case of accidents, property damage or litigation. Since it also helps you to convince clients to hire you, dog walker insurance should be a given.