Dog Walker Hourly Rate

Are you interested in starting a dog walking service, but you are unsure of how much to charge? Are you in need of dog walking services, but do not know what the average hourly rate is? We offer some advice on how much dog walkers should charge and how much dog owners can expect to pay for dog walks.

Many dog walkers charge on a per visit pay scale while others opt for hourly rates. This hourly rate guide will assist you in determining how much to charge for your dog walking services or how much to pay a dog walker in your area. This pay can vary from one location to the next and may also vary depending on the demand of dog walkers in your area.

General Dog Walking Prices
Dog walking services and prices can depend on the training and certification that your walker has. If you are simply employing a local teenager to walk your dogs, you may expect to pay less than you would to a professional dog walking company with trained walkers. The average rate for a 1/2 an hour walk is typically anywhere from $15 to $20. An hour walk may cost $22 to $30 and a second dog from the same family may be entitled to 1/2 off of the walk price. This means that you could score a deal for having 2 dogs walked for 1/2 an hour for around $30!

Multi-day walks could entitle you to additional money off of your dog walking services. For example, 5 half an hour walks may cost $60 to $85 while 10 1 hour walks could cost you $135 to $190. If you are in need of regular dog walking for your furry little friends, discussing multi-day services rather than an as-needed basis is an excellent option.

Other Variables
Not only do dog walkers take your pups for walks, but there may be other services offered as well such as pet sitting, grooming, treats and bathing. Discuss your needs with your dog walker before signing a contract for their services and know exactly what you are getting. Offering other pet care services is a great way for a dog walking company to increase revenue, and it’s also a convenience for dog owners.