Dog Walker Advertising Renewals

As 2011 came to an end and the calendar rolled over into the new year, advertising renewal confirmations on started to trickle in via email. So far in 2012 (less than 48 hours into the year), there have been three companies whose advertising listings came up for renewal, and all three have chosen to renew their ads. I think this shows how much faith dog walkers have in spending their advertising dollars on a listing.

The three dog walking services that have chosen to renew their listings on so far in 2012 are:

As 2012 begins to mature, hundreds of other dog walkers and dog walking services will be given the chance to renew, and a large percentage of them will. The fact is, helps bring new clients to dog walking services at a cost that is lower than other types of advertising.

If you are a dog walker and are thinking about ways to build your business in 2012, I encourage you to create a listing on today. There are many under-served communities without dog walker listings, and it can help bring new customers to your business. Now that’s a great new year’s resolution!