Dog Runs in New York City

New York Dog RunDog owners who live in New York City generally don’t have the luxury of letting their dog go for a run in their own backyard. In order for their dog to get a good amount of outdoor exercise, they need to either go for a long walk, let their dog off leash in select areas of parks like Central Park during the very early hours of the morning, or they can be taken to a local dog run.

In each borough of New York, there are a number of dog runs where (friendly) dogs can run freely and socialize with other dogs. Dog walkers in New York City like to take their dogs to the dog run because they are generally less stressful than offleash play, and the dogs in their care will be able to get more exercise than they would be able to get on a typical walk around the neighborhood.

As a dog owner that uses the services of a dog walker, I can tell you that it’s nice to come home and see my dog laying on the couch, worn out from running around and playing during the afternoon! I like it when my dog walker takes my dog to the dog run so she can get exercise during the day when I can’t take her.

If you’re looking for dog runs in New York, I put together a list of them by borough from the City of New York’s website:

Dog Runs in Manhattan
Dog Runs in Brooklyn
Dog Runs in Queens
Dog Runs in Staten Island
Dog Runs in The Bronx

Photo: Flickr