Brook Run Dog Park

Brook Run Dog Park is one of the premier dog parks in Dunwoody, Georgia. At Brook Run, there are more than 100 acres for people and their dogs to roam. Besides a dog park, the area also features a skate park, playground and community garden. In addition, there are also trails and fields for people to use and explore.

For those looking for the dog park, it can be found in the back section of Brook Run. It is a great place for owners to take their four legged friends to play. The park has four acres of wooden land for dogs to explore. Since the area is completely fenced in, dogs can have some off-leash fun. There are multiple entry points to make the park more accessible. These entry points feature double gates to keep the dogs safe. Another benefit of the park is that it’s set deep in the woods; therefore, the tree canopy protects both people and their pets from mild rain and summer heat.

Walking trails are available throughout the dog park for those who want to get their exercise. Along with that, two great amenities at the park are water and pick-up stations. The water stations allow owners to get their dog a refreshing drink. As for the pick-up stations, they provide free waste bags for people to clean up after their pets. Both the water and pick-up stations are there for convenience.

Brook Run is open from sunrise to sunset. The park is maintained by dog lovers in the community. In fact, it is fully funded by donations from people who appreciate the area. Some generous donations include money and waste bags. Along with that, volunteers from the community take time out of their life to clean the park. Thanks to their hard work, the park is one of the best places for owners to take their dog.

Visit the Brook Run Dog Park website to learn more about the park.

Ogunquit Dog Park

In late 2009, the Select Board of the Town of Ogunquit, Maine approved the building of a Dog Park on  1 + acres of town-owned land adjacent to the Transfer Station.  The location is one mile west of the village center, off Berwick Rd.

In June of 2010, the Dog Park Committee began to raise funds to build the park, and due to the generosity of many businesses, residents and visitors, enough was raised by December of 2010 to complete stump grinding and fence installation.  A number of local volunteers had already cut down trees and cleared out brush during the fall of 2010.  The Ogunquit Dog Park was completed in late December, 2010.

The Ogunquit Dog Park officially opened on Saturday, January 15, 2011, with a ribbon pulling ceremony and cake & cookies provided by Brownie’s Barkery.  Cars were parked the entire length of Spring Hill Rd. with approximately 50 people and their dogs attending.

Martin Crosby and Tony Maurno of the Ogunquit Dog Park Committee spoke about the Dog Park approval process and thanked many of the businesses and people who contributed to the Dog Park’s relatively quick completion.  Tom Fortier, the Ogunquit Town Manager, and Donato Tramuto, Selectmen Chair, each spoke briefly, but were cut short by excited dogs barking to open the gate.  At 12:10 PM, the yellow bow on the gate was pulled by Ruby, a 7-month old Wheaten Terrier, to officially open the park and a snowy, fun time was had by all.

The Dog Park is open  7 AM to dusk, every day.

The Dog Park is in a wooded area, and the ground is covered with wood chips, which are frequently refreshed.  There is a 5-foot, vinyl coated steel fence, a separate area for small dogs, and triple gates at entry.  Dog poop bags are provided at the entrance.  The Dog Park is organically sprayed for ticks 3-4 times during the spring to fall seasons.  Running water is available mid-April to about November 1.  There are also picnic tables, benches and chairs for humans.

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Discovery Park in Seattle

Discovery Park in SeattleIf you ever have the opportunity to visit Seattle WA, Discovery Park should be a must see on your list. It is locacted in the Penninsular neighborhood of Seattle. Its 534 acres of vast beauty makes it Seattle’s largest and most popular public park. Having been a professional dog walker, it was my favorite place to take the dogs. Unlike a typical dog park there is plenty of room to freely roam the area without the dogs getting too distracted by a crowd.

The people we encountered along the way were all so friendly. It was obvious that they were enjoying the park as much as I was. There was never a dull moment for the canines and me as we would wind our way through more than 11 miles of beautiful walking trails. The park is full of history as you will learn about in the United Indians of All Tribes’ Daybreak Cultural Center. The park’s beautiful grounds will not disappoint.

Along with its history, Discovery Park is considered to be the best place in the city to view wildlife. For instance, the Seattle Audubon Society has documented over 270 species of birds to be viewed in the trees and around the waters. There are bays within the park that are a habitat for sea lions and seals. You will surely see an array of wildlife if you choose to hike the Loop Trail. For those who are interested in dendrology, there are many different types of trees to see as well. What a way to get your excercise while enjoying nature!

Whether you are visiting Discovery Park just to walk your dog or trying to learn a thing or two about nature, you are sure to be in awe of its beauty. Trust me when I say, you will want to go back.

Discovery Park is located at 3801 Discovery Park Blvd. in Seattle. More information about the park, its hours, rules, and directions can be found on the city of Seattle website.

Photo: Flickr

Kingsman Field Dog Park in Washington, DC

Washington DC Dog ParkKingsman Field Dog Park is a fun and inviting place for dogs and their people. Kingmans Field is conveniently located on NE D Street and NE Tennessee Avenue in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington D.C. The dog park is open seven days a week from 7 am to 10 pm. Kingsman Field is fully enclosed for the safety of the dogs that frequent the space. It offers two separate enclosures so that large/out going dogs can be in a different area than smaller/shy dogs. The dog park area has gravel ground for ease of cleaning up after dogs during their play time.

Kingsman Field Dog Park provides bags for waste clean up, although the box didn’t have any bags when we visited in early August. They also provide a dog water fountain so that your pooch will not get dehydrated while having fun in the park. There is a large trash receptacle for the owner’s convenience for tossing out filled waste bags.

There is a sense of community as owners donate various toys to the park so that no visiting dog is without something fun to play with. The community of Kingsman Field are inviting to new dogs and their owners. The community likes to share knowledge to help new owners or individuals new to the area to find resources for their dog’s health care needs. People who were in the park seemed very friendly and paid close attention to their dogs.

Overall, Kingsman Field Dog Park is a great place to take your dog and enjoy a day outside. The safety created by the fully enclosed park allows dogs to romp and play without the fear of them bolting. So if you are in the area, stop by and enjoy the day with your best buddy.

Shelton City Dog Park

Shelton City Dog Park in Shelton, CTDogs and their human companions are welcome to enjoy the Shelton City Dog Park, located on the corner of Route 108 and Nell’s Rock Road in Shelton, Connecticut. Consisting of almost 2 acres, the park is fully fenced and divided into a play area for small dogs (under 25 lbs) and another, much larger, run and play area for dogs of all sizes. For safety, the entry is double gated. Please be sure to close each gate behind you as you enter.

Parking is available in two lots, one at the entrance and the other by the Port-olet. For safety and access reasons, please do not park on the entry road or near the park entry gate.

The park is a great place for dogs to run and play, with lots of opportunities for jumping, dodging trees, rooting around in the undergrowth and just generally having a great doggie time. There are benches for humans and lots of shady areas for both canines and humans. For canines and humans who like to hike, there is a lovely level, surfaced walking trail that runs alongside the park, leaving from the main parking area next to the road.

Dog Park in Shelton, ConnecticutTennis balls are available for games of doggie fetch and water bowls are available for drinking, however, you must bring your own water. To prevent the spread of disease, please do not allow your dog to drink out of a standing water bowl. Please dump the water and fill with fresh. There are plans underway to install a water pump, so there will soon be fresh water available at all times.

There is a Portolet for human use. Canines are asked to have their human companions poop scoop if they go anywhere on the property (in or outside of the park). Dogs must be properly vaccinated and licensed. Please do not bring dogs with contageous diseases to the park. Dogs and children must be properly supervised at all times. Please don’t allow your dog to bark excessively, as there are park neighbors and fishing nearby. Park is open 7 days a week from dawn to dusk.

Visit the Friends of Shelton Dog Park website for more information to to find out about our fundraising efforts and upcoming park events. If you are looking for a Shelton dog walker, please allow to help you find one!