Dog Beach in San Diego

Dog Beach at Ocean BeachAs the first leash free pet beach in the United States, Dog Beach in San Diego, California is a hub of history as well as fun times with your dog. Of course, it does not hurt that it is located on the northern end of one of the city’s most incredible beaches, Ocean Beach!

The residents of Ocean Beach have a culture all their own. The affluent, laid back atmosphere makes for the perfect meet and greet location, day date, or short excursion to just get away from it all for a few hours. The OBceans (o-BEE-shuns, that is what the residents of Ocean Beach call themselves) go out of their way to make newcomers feel welcome, and if you have a dog, well, it’s like you just gave them the secret handshake.

In fact, if you happen to be a dog walker in San Diego, it’s likely that you’ve taken your dogs to Dog Beach for exercise and socialization. Dog Beach is a great place for dogs, dog owners, and dog walkers.

Because there are very few worries about crime or vandalism, Dog Beach is open 24 hours a day. The area contains some of the bluest water and the whitest sands on the Pacific Ocean, and is routinely described as one of the most untouched areas of the beachfront. Although you may have to watch for the occasional owner who does not clean up after his pet, the relaxed environment would most likely make this event an icebreaker to meet a new friend rather than a cause for any malcontent.

Photo: Flickr