Discovery Park in Seattle

Discovery Park in SeattleIf you ever have the opportunity to visit Seattle WA, Discovery Park should be a must see on your list. It is locacted in the Penninsular neighborhood of Seattle. Its 534 acres of vast beauty makes it Seattle’s largest and most popular public park. Having been a professional dog walker, it was my favorite place to take the dogs. Unlike a typical dog park there is plenty of room to freely roam the area without the dogs getting too distracted by a crowd.

The people we encountered along the way were all so friendly. It was obvious that they were enjoying the park as much as I was. There was never a dull moment for the canines and me as we would wind our way through more than 11 miles of beautiful walking trails. The park is full of history as you will learn about in the United Indians of All Tribes’ Daybreak Cultural Center. The park’s beautiful grounds will not disappoint.

Along with its history, Discovery Park is considered to be the best place in the city to view wildlife. For instance, the Seattle Audubon Society has documented over 270 species of birds to be viewed in the trees and around the waters. There are bays within the park that are a habitat for sea lions and seals. You will surely see an array of wildlife if you choose to hike the Loop Trail. For those who are interested in dendrology, there are many different types of trees to see as well. What a way to get your excercise while enjoying nature!

Whether you are visiting Discovery Park just to walk your dog or trying to learn a thing or two about nature, you are sure to be in awe of its beauty. Trust me when I say, you will want to go back.

Discovery Park is locatedĀ at 3801 Discovery Park Blvd. in Seattle. More information about the park, its hours, rules, and directions can be found on the city of Seattle website.

Photo: Flickr