Creating a Good Dog Walker Website

As we all know by now, having a website is important for any company, especially those that generate business online. I want to share some ideas with you about what I think makes a great website for dog walkers and dog walking services. I am not a search engine marketing expert, nor am I a web programmer, so I will leave those two aspects for others to discuss.

When you are setting up a dog walking service there are, of course, a few important issues that you must keep in mind. Clearly, at the top of the list is a like (if not love!) for all kind of dogs. After all, you will be spending the bulk of your time with them. Yet, what would a dog walker be without dogs to walk? That means you need clients.

No doubt most people use the Internet to find and research the services and goods that they purchase each and every day. You need to have a good dog walking website that will tell visitors about what you offer. First of all, make sure that your site is easy to navigate and understand. This is an important point that translates to virtually any website. Key information should be on your home page, as many visitors might not bother to click numerous other pages. Visitors need to be able to easily understand the basics of your dog walking services upon first glance.

Once you are sure that the information on your site is clearly laid out for the visitor, make sure that it also looks pleasant and has a professional looking logo. Remember the look and feel of your page serves as a de facto calling card about you and your level of professionalism.

Good dog walking websites should also contain information about your experience and the number of years you have been walking dogs. It is a good idea to include other key details, such as insurance and bonding, as well as any relevant memberships and organizations you belong to. People need to feel comfortable and confident that you can get the job done and will responsibly care for their pets. The inclusion of testimonials from customers is also a prudent move.

Additionally, a simple to use contact form that asks for a prospect’s phone number, email address and location is a must have. Incorporate all these factors into your dog walking website, and your business prospects should be barking in no time!