Creating a Good Dog Walker Resume

Dog Walker JobsDog walking can be an excellent source of income, and with a cleverly crafted resume you can definitely put yourself in a great position to work for a dog walking service. It is beneficial to have some experience working with dogs or animals in general if you are looking to pursue becoming a dog walker. Be sure to list all experiences you have with dogs, even with your own, as this will go a long way in getting noticed as a dog walker.

Working as a volunteer at an animal shelter looks great on a resume and it shows potential employers that you truly love working with animals. This type of experience can go a long way when applying for dog walking positions, since there is a lot of responsibility involved when working with animals.

If you are affiliated with or belong to an organization centered around animals, such as the International Association of Canine Professionals, definitely include this information on your resume. Belonging to such a group shows employers that you are dedicated to walking dogs and shows professionalism.

Consider becoming certified and trained in animal CPR if you are not already certified. This will make you stand out in comparison to other dog walkers and it illustrates to employers that you are qualified to handle an emergency situation if it arises. It is also beneficial to take some basic training classes such as obedience training, since this will show that you are willing to learn new things so that you can apply them in your profession.

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