Cost of Dog Walking in Oakland

Every dog owner has a day where they can not make it home in time to take Fido out for his necessary walk. Fortunately, there are many dog walkers in Oakland that will help with this task. We will look at what you can expect to pay for this service in Oakland, CA and what you get for your money.

Dog walkers can provide personal walks or group walks. Group walks will cost around $10-$18 per day, or $65-$75 per week. Personal dog walks will cost a bit more, $25-$30 per visit. All walks are usually around an hour. Walkers will need keys to the owner’s house and will usually refill food and water bowls for your pet when they come by.

Pet sitting services will often make these same visits for the $25-$30 range. The visits will offer more features – they will give medications, check the mail, and often do other small tasks for the owners. They may be a tad shorter, around 45 minutes, but your pet will still get plenty of love and attention.

It is also important to check that your dog walker is insured. This will cover costs like lock replacement if a key gets lost.