Cost of Dog Walking in New York City

In New York City, New York, dog owners seeking a dog walker can expect to pay fees that vary depending upon the length of the walk and how many dogs will be walked. On average, a medium walk lasting up to half an hour costs between $20-$30 while hour long walks cost between $50-60. The cost may be lower in outer boroughs (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island).

Those seeking a run instead of a walk may pay slightly more, and dog walkers may bring dogs to local dog parks in various neighborhoods. Additional fees may apply for additional dogs, or for dog pick up or drop off services. In some cases, dog walking services may offer discounted rates for adding additional dogs. Prices may also vary depending upon the neighborhood and time of day that the dog walking will take place.

Some dog walk services may include additional services such as play time for the dog, dog grooming, or even boarding and sitting services. These services may be included as part of the dog walking fee or may be added as part of a package deal. Some dog walking service businesses may be insured and licensed, making them qualified to handle dogs. This licensing may also include grooming certifications or dog training. Shorter or longer walks may also be available such as a 15 minute walk during the day or several shorter walks. can help you if you’re looking for a dog walker in New York.