Considering Dog Insurance? Think About Pet Assure

#1 Pet Insurance Alternative

Have you been thinking about getting pet insurance for your dog (or maybe even your cat)? If you’ve been looking at pet or dog insurance plans, you might want to think about Pet Assure. With, it’s easy to save money on the bills that can easily pile up as a result of owning a dog.

According to the Pet Assure website, it’s simple to save money:

Present your Pet Assure membership card to any participating vet and you will receive 25% off your bill right at vet’s office on all of the following services:

  • Office Visit & Exams
  • All Shots
  • Any Elective Procedure (e.g., dental care)
  • Any Surgery (e.g., spaying & neutering)
  • Hospitalization (in Network)
  • and more!

With no annual usage limit, there is no concern that coverage may run out. No pet health questions asked, as every member will receive the same coverage on the above services, regardless of health issues that exist or that may arise in the future. There is no waiting period, so sign up now to begin saving!”

What other programs can make the same offer for your pet? If you are looking for an insurance type of product, you should check out and review Pet Assure.

Of course it’s important to check out all of the terms and conditions and other disclaimers that come with programs like this before deciding for yourself and your pet.