Connect With Your Community on Twitter

I want to share a marketing tip with you to help grow your business locally. If you’re like me, you’ve already signed up for a Twitter account (the account can be found at If you haven’t signed up for a Twitter account, you should do that soon. Since this is for business, I recommend using your business name as your Twitter user ID.

Once you’ve signed up for an account, you’re ready to rock. Start off by filling out the profile information. You don’t have a lot of room, so be sure to post your main services and location. You should post your company website as well. Here’s a tip, don’t use “www” as you normally might. This will give people more chance to see your actual url if they don’t want to click yet. There are many places to get a free Twitter background, or you can hire someone (do a Google search for Twitter backgrounds – they’re cheap).

Now that you’re up to speed and your account is set up, here’s what I recommend. Start following people in your community. Visit and search for people mentioning your city name. You can also follow your local politicians, newspapers, businesses, chamber of commerce accounts, and other local people.

If you can contribute to a conversation, by all means, do so. If you can share information that others would find valuable, do it.You should also share pet care tips that local people can take advantage of. You might share some insider tips about local dog parks and dog runs. Become known as the local dog and pet expert, and people will come to you with their pet questions and needs. This will help grow your business.

Avoid politics and polarizing conversations. Just like you probably wouldn’t discuss politics or religion with a potential client you don’t know well, it’s best to avoid conversations like this on Twitter. If you do have a desire to discuss politics and other polarizing topics, set up a personal Twitter account! Your business account should be strictly for business.

Your goal is to become known on Twitter as someone who locally walks and takes care of dogs. As people get to know your online persona, they will become more comfortable with you and hit you up when their pet care needs arise. If they feel comfortable with you on Twitter, it’s a great first step in a business relationship.

You don’t necessarily need to be active on Twitter, but you should update your feed as frequently as you can (maybe daily or even weekly). By connecting with local people on Twitter, you will help grow your dog walking service client list.