College Students: Earn Money Walking Dogs

As all college students know, having enough money during college can often be a real challenge. Not only is college extremely expensive, but time constraints put in place by classes and study time can make finding a job with doable hours extremely difficult. Fortunately for college students looking to make decent money, there’s a good option that’s fun, easy to do, and offers flexible hours: dog walking.

College students aren’t the only ones pressed for time; individuals with full time jobs often find themselves scrambling to get everything done. If dog owners, these full time employees may need their four-legged best friends walked. Dog walking is a fun and easy job that doesn’t take too terribly long and can be done during all hours of the day and night. For college students, having a dog walking job is the perfect solution.

Not only does dog walking offer extremely flexible hours, college students will find that the money isn’t too shabby, either. On average, dog walkers make anywhere from $15 to $60 an hour depending on location and other factors. When it comes to securing a dog walking job, college students have a few options.

Depending on the specific circumstances, college students can either pursue getting hired by an established dog walking service, or can also be independently based. When first starting out, students may find that they have more consistent business if hired by an established dog walking service. Whatever a college student decides, the next step is advertising.

When it comes to advertising dog walking services, there are a ton of places to advertise. For students who have decided to go about their dog walking independently, advertising on bulletin boards at places like the vet’s office and pet stores can be a great way to advertise dog walking services. In addition, sites such as Craigslist and are commonly browsed by individuals seeking dog walkers.