College Students: Dog Walking Companies Are Hiring

Finding a job during college can be tough. With class hours, labs, homework, studying and extra-curricular activities all taking up a huge chunk of time, it’s hard to find employment that can fit within your schedule. Thankfully, there is a great need for dog walkers in many cities and towns that have colleges or universities.

Dog walkers enjoy a flexible schedule, good pay and the ability to expand business when there is more time to earn money. You will also provide an incredibly valuable service to your customers; their dogs will be healthier and happier every time they get home from a long day. If you are reliable and have time during the day, a dog walking job might be ideal.

Depending on where you live, dog walking can pay as much as $15 per half hour (depends whether you work for a service, where you are working, and other variables). The money you earn during your off time can help pay for school supplies or for pure entertainment purposes.

Dog walking companies are always looking for reliable college students to take over routes for their customers, and most companies are glad to provide a schedule that helps you conveniently work around your school hours. If you can’t find a job from a dog walking company, there are other options.

There are two ways to get hired walking dogs.

Independent dog walker: Finding a dog walking job on campus may seem like a difficult task, but there are many school employees and faculty that are likely to have pets at home that need walking during the day. Let your professors know that you are providing dog walking services; they may spread the word and get you a lot of business. Also, feel free to put up fliers in student and faculty lounges advertising your services. You never know who has a pooch at home just begging for a walk. You should look into insurance and  bonding to protect your assets if you do this.

Dog walking service: You might prefer to work for an established dog walking service. Although you may not earn as much as someone who is independent, you will likely be given work rather than having to seek it out on your own. In addition, you’ll be covered by the company’s insurance policy and may even receive some employee benefits.

If you like dogs or animals and have some extra time during the semester, you might want to looking into a job walking dogs. It’s a fun job and can provide you with additional income – something almost all college students can use!