Christmas Tip for Dog Walkers

Dog Walker tipHow much should I give my dog walker as a tip during Christmas?”

If you are like almost every other dog owner, each year around Christmas, Hanukkah and the holidays, you ask yourself if you should give a tip or bonus to your hard working dog walker. It’s a question we ask as dog owners, and people ask us for advice on this as well.

Christmas time allows us all to experience the joy of giving gifts to those people who mean the most in our lives. Many of us may put a tip or card in the mailbox to give to our mailman, but what about the person who regularly walks our dogs?

Dog walkers are just as important as the mailman or any other person that you may give a tip to during the holiday season. The dog walker will take our dog out to be walked and exercised when we can not. Because the dog walker is creating a healthier life for our pet during their daily or weekly rounds, it’s a good idea to give this special person a tip during the holidays as a way to say “thank you” for helping out during the year.

Many people may not know what a good price is when giving their dog walker a tip or bonus for Xmas. But what exactly is a fair amount to give to someone who shows our beloved pets so much love and warmth whenever they come over to walk our dog?

As a general rule, a weeks worth of salary for your dog walker will prove to be a fantastic tip this holiday season. Some people might even give one or two visits worth of pay to their dog walker as a tip. You can give the holiday tip to your dog walker in a holiday card in either cash or check. Alternatively, you may want to give them a small gift or a gift card to a fancy restaurant. Keep in mind that during these harsh economic times, any tip or bonus you give to your dog walker would be appreciated.

Photo: Flickr