Chilly Dogs Coat for a Chilly Dog?

Chilly Dogs Coat

I am originally from New Hampshire, so the cold weather in New York City doesn’t usually bother me. I wear a jacket in the winter, but it doesn’t seem nearly as cold as it was when I was growing up. When I take my dog Lucy (a 2 year old 25 lb puggle) for a walk during the winter, I don’t know if/when she should wear a coat. I’ve read that dogs don’t usually need to wear outerwear, but I feel guilty when other dog owners and dog walkers pass me on the side walk!

Generally, when it’s raining out, I will put a lightweight dog jacket on Lucy, but that’s more the keep our furniture dry when she gets home. When it’s very cold (in the teens and 20’s), I will also make certain she wears a warmer coat to keep her from getting the shivers. The problem is that Lucy HATES wearing coats. It’s somewhat amusing because she sits and refuses to budge sometimes when she wears a jacket. Maybe it’s the coat, but we’ve tried a couple of different brands/styles and she just doesn’t seem to like wearing one.

Lucy is very friendly with a white boxer named Fancy, and Fancy wears a Chilly Dogs coat when she goes outside in the winter. Fancy has a much thinner natural coat than Lucy, but she doesn’t mind wearing her jacket. Maybe Fancy’s disposition is different than Lucy’s but she isn’t fussy when she wears a jacket. I also saw another dog wearing a Chilly Dogs jacket today, and he looked happy to wear it. I am thinking about getting Lucy a similar coat, but I have a few questions:

  • When should a dog like Lucy wear a coat outside (temperature/weather conditions)?
  • What brand of coat is best for dogs if I am looking to keep her comfortable more than fashionable?
  • How sturdy are Chilly Dogs coats?

Image is from the Chilly Dogs website.