Check Out the Dog Umbrella!

Umbrella for dogsPart of being a professional dog walker or running a dog walking service is appearance. Looking professional goes a long way towards earning the trust of those turning over their canine companions. One way of looking professional is to have all the proper equipment. Along with the necessary basics like leashes and waste removal devices, a dog umbrella shows customers that their pet is important.

A dog umbrella, for those unfamiliar with them, is a transparent plastic dome that has a leash coming out from the where the top notch of a handle on an ordinary umbrella would be. This leash attaches to the dog, and goes through the dome and up a few feet to where the walker can hold it.

Using a dog umbrella benefits all parties involved. It benefits the dog in that it does not get soaked when it rains. This makes for a happier, healthier dog. It also benefits the walker. The walker doesn’t get sprayed by Fido when he decides to shake the water off himself. What dog walker really wants to handle a drippy, wet dog? It also benefits the owner of the dog. The owner does not have to put up with “wet dog” smell for several hours and avoids getting furniture, carpeting, and other flooring soaked by the wet fur.

Using a dog umbrella is also a good way to generate business. Not only does it show passersby that the walker is willing to brave the elements to give the dog a walk, it shows that he/she is intelligent enough to know how to protect the dog from the elements.

Improve business and take better care of the four-legged friends that mean so much to their families. Get a dog umbrella, which you can find at Amazon.

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