Brush Prairie Dog Park

Many dog owners and dog walkers frequent the Brush Prairie dog park near Portland, Oregon (located in Brush Prairie, Washington). This area features a nice ten acre spread of land dedicated to canines. Visitors rate the Brush Prairie dog park highly and recommend it to other pet owners staying in the Portland area.

Dog owners can enjoy the park feeling reassured by the presence of fencing in dog run areas. Overall, the Brush Prairie dog park presents visitors with a great opportunity to have good, safe fun with their furry friends. Portland dog walkers also love coming to the park with their dogs.

Terrain in the Brush Prairie dog park is primarily flat. The lack of hills might be preferable for visitors with older pets that cannot get around as well as they used to. The fences help add an element of safety for pets and their owners.

The park is divided into two main areas. The primary area is larger and ideal for most dogs while a smaller area is fenced off for small or timid pets. Both portions are surrounded by a wood chip covered walking trail so pets and their owners can enjoy a stroll together after playing in the off leash area.

Visitors can find the Brush Prairie dog park at North East 149th Street and North East 101st Street in Brush Prairie, Washington. The park isn’t as sizable as others, spanning about 10 acres. However the smaller size also makes Brush Prairie relatively easy to navigate. Despite its smaller size, the park still presents ample area to run and play.

The Brush Prairie dog park is maintained by DOGPAW. Visitors can find many helpful amenities, such as canine clean up bags, strategically placed trash cans, double gated entry ways, and even accessible water sources. The park offers plenty of flexibility to accommodate pets of all sizes and their doting humans.