Brook Run Dog Park

Brook Run Dog Park is one of the premier dog parks in Dunwoody, Georgia. At Brook Run, there are more than 100 acres for people and their dogs to roam. Besides a dog park, the area also features a skate park, playground and community garden. In addition, there are also trails and fields for people to use and explore.

For those looking for the dog park, it can be found in the back section of Brook Run. It is a great place for owners to take their four legged friends to play. The park has four acres of wooden land for dogs to explore. Since the area is completely fenced in, dogs can have some off-leash fun. There are multiple entry points to make the park more accessible. These entry points feature double gates to keep the dogs safe. Another benefit of the park is that it’s set deep in the woods; therefore, the tree canopy protects both people and their pets from mild rain and summer heat.

Walking trails are available throughout the dog park for those who want to get their exercise. Along with that, two great amenities at the park are water and pick-up stations. The water stations allow owners to get their dog a refreshing drink. As for the pick-up stations, they provide free waste bags for people to clean up after their pets. Both the water and pick-up stations are there for convenience.

Brook Run is open from sunrise to sunset. The park is maintained by dog lovers in the community. In fact, it is fully funded by donations from people who appreciate the area. Some generous donations include money and waste bags. Along with that, volunteers from the community take time out of their life to clean the park. Thanks to their hard work, the park is one of the best places for owners to take their dog.

Visit the Brook Run Dog Park website to learn more about the park.