Bonding and Insurance for Dog Walkers

Many dog owners make sure that their potential dog walkers are bonded and have full insurance. Saying “we’re bonded and insured” is an important message to dog owners and can help bring business, aside from being a requisite in some cities and towns.

If you want to be trusted in your dog walking business, you will need to be bonded and insured. You should not let your passion for animals overshadow your main purpose. It is a business and it should be operated as such. Businesses carry risks. People get hurt and people sue. It is a fact of life. Protect yourself and the integrity of your business by getting bonded and insured. Businesses that are run professionally generally enjoy more clients and better financials.

Most pet owners look for dog walkers who are members of a professional pet care organization. This gives pet owners peace-of-mind that you adhere to certain standards that apply to the industry. Many of these pet organizations offer special discounts on bonding and insurance as a membership benefit. Even if you aren’t a member, you can learn about the companies that offer this type of bonding and insurance to dog walking services.

A surety bond protects you and your clients. It is particularly useful to clients if you have employees and a theft accusation arises. The bond will cover most, if not all of the cost of a theft claim. Clients will be more comfortable with you or your employees in their home when they are not there if you are bonded. A surety bond also protects you if you are unable to complete a contract with a client.

Liability insurance is a must for any business and dog walking is no exception. If something should happen to the owner’s dog while you are caring for him, you could be sued. If the dog bites or otherwise injures someone while the dog is under your care, you are liable in most states. Liability insurance protects you if an unfortunate event occurs. Play it safe. Protect yourself with liability insurance.

Dog walking can be an enjoyable and lucrative business, and dog owners should be sure to protect their clients, their businesses, and their personal assets.