Bocce’s Bakery: Surprise in Central Park

Central ParkMy wife and I try to spend the early part of Saturday and Sunday mornings in New York City’s Central Park with our 3.5 year old puggle, Lucy. We live on the Upper West Side, so we typically stay in that general area, where we let Lucy run off leash, playing with many other dogs in the neighborhood (dogs are permitted offleash in the Park before 9am every day).

This morning, I needed to make a trip to the Apple store, so instead of exiting at 72nd Street and Central Park West, we decided to leave using the 67th St. exit, right next to where the famed Tavern on the Green was once located. As we were exiting, we noticed a street cart that looked a bit different from the standard street carts you find all over the city.

It was, in fact, very different. Instead of selling the typical street fare like hot dogs and knishes, this cart was selling all natural dog treats. It turns out that the street cart is owned by Bocce’s Bakery, a New York City based dog treat bakery that specializes in baking all natural dog treats. The bakery has a a large selection of dog treats that are available at the cart, at the bakery, online, and at a whole bunch of shops and stores throughout the City, including Whole Foods and even Shake Shack.

Bocce’s Bakery was founded four years ago by Andrea Tovar (and her dog Bocce), and it looks like the company has grown quite rapidly. Based on how quickly Lucy devoured her large treat, this growth and popularity is not surprising! ┬áIf you want to check out Bocce’s Bakery, you can visit the company website, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Knowing Lucy, I have a feeling she will be pulling us back to the cart every weekend!