Bernal Hill Dog Park at Bernal Heights in San Francisco

Bernal Hill Dog Park San FranciscoBernal Heights Park, located atop Bernal Hill in San Francisco, California, is so much more than a peaceful place for humans to relax. Here, the canine is king. Every day, many residents flock to Bernal Hill to enjoy the fresh air and a little quality time with their canine companions. During the winter months, Bernal Hill offers visitors a lovely array of green hues and pleasant atmosphere while the summer washes out some of the natural color.

When visiting Bernal Hill dog park, do not expect to be surrounded by trees and ground cover. The park is actually not well known for the vegetation it contains, which is relatively sparse aside from lush grass. The true eye candy lies in the breathtaking views that surround the park’s borders. Visitors can take a seat as they view the city skyline. The northern end of the park offers a nearly birds-eye view of the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin headlands, all the way down to the East Bay hills. The park has perfectly positioned benches that are set up specifically for dog owners to take in these eye-catching panoramas.

In order to access the off leash dog park, visitors must make their way along Folsom Street, past Ripley. A turn off of Bernal Heights Boulevard on the right presents a handful of parking spaces and the entrance to the dog park. The park itself stretches across an admirable 39 acres of doggy play area.

Canines and their human companions can often find plastic “pick up” bags at both park entrances. It is always recommended that visitors still bring their own, just in case. While enjoying Bernal Hill dog park, visitors must remember to clean up after their pets so that others can enjoy the natural setting and relaxing atmosphere as well.

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Photo: Flickr