Be a Dog Walker!

Dog walking as a job is not just giving the dog exercise. A professional dog walker has to love and understand dogs. Walking dogs requires both knowledge of dogs and business skills.

Since this is a freelance job, a person does not have a college degree to be a dog walker. A person can expand their business and client list by give evidence of their experience and dependability in caring for animals.

Business cards are a necessary item. The cards advertise the business and availability to potential customers. The business card should contain business information. This includes contact information, location of dog walking, and plan for dealing with particular issues with each dog. The business card expresses your professional approach to the dog walking business and builds customerís trust.

Any self-employed worker starting a business should know how to operate a business. A beginner might want to take classes in small business administration. Ideas to consider in establishing the business should include whether there will be other employees, how many clients the walker can handle without forgoing quality, any training that will upgrade the client service, hours and frequency of service as well as charges.

The next step is determining what supplies and equipment will be needed. As a professional dog walker, not much is needed. Most dog owners provide the collars, leashes and dog treats.

The dog walker must decide how extensive the dog-walking job will be. This depends on whether the job will be part-time or full time. It all hinge on how much time the person has to dedicate to the job, based on other responsibilities. On the other hand, if this it to be a full-time job, then consider the work hours and number of days a week. Extensive hours result in additional clients and the possibility of referrals to further clients.

Becoming a dog walker can start out with the personal enjoyment of being with and walking dogs. With experience, people can build up their client list and expand their dog walking business.