Baker Beach in San Francisco, CA

Golden Gate Bridge National ParkBaker Beach, a part of the Golden Gate Bridge National Park, is located less than 2 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge. Off leash dogs responsive to voice command are welcome at Baker Beach north of Lobos Creek; south of Lobos Creek, dogs must be leashed and responsive to voice command. Baker Beach is less populous than other parts of GGBNP due to its distance from the bridge and its rocky terrain.

Regulations of the National Park Service declare certain behavior is grounds for losing dog park privileges:

  • Failure to properly dispose of pet excrement
  • Letting a pet make excessive noise which bothers park users, frightens wildlife, i.e. Howling and barking.
  • Leaving a pet tied in an undesignated area unattended.
  • Bringing a pet into a public area (building or beach) closed to pets by the Park Superintendent.

Dog parks, aka Bark Parks, can be a pleasant experience for dogs and their people. A place for all to romp and play, enjoy the surf and sun, but also following some basic rules which will make the experience a pleasure for all.

  • Aggressive dogs and dogs in heat are not welcome.
  • Dogs should respond promptly to voice control.
  • Dogs must have current vaccinations.
  • When doggy poops, please scoop!
  • Dog parks are not playgrounds for children.
  • Make sure your dog stays hydrated (bring water and bottle/bowl).

Parking is provided next to the beach, off Bowley Street. Baker Beach is unfenced and is a clothing optional beach. Children are not invited to the area, since it’s a clothing optional beach.

Photo: Flickr