Average Annual Dog Walker Salary

Annual Dog Walker SalaryDog walking has increasingly become a popular job for many people. There are relatively low start up costs, ample training opportunities, and millions of dog owners across the United States need to hire a dog walking service on a daily basis. One thing many people ask before becoming a dog walker or starting a dog walking company is “how much does a dog walker earn in salary every year?” It’s a good question to ask, and hopefully we can shed some light and give some insight.

There are quite a few factors involved in determining a dog walker’s salary. For instance, some dog walkers work independently while others work for established dog walking services. Furthermore, some dog walkers have occasional assignments whereas others walk on a regular basis (specific clients use them each day).

As with many other professions, a dog walker can earn more money by establishing a favorable reputation and building a substantial client base with regular dog walking engagements. Dog owners who are looking for someone to walk their dog want a reliable, energetic individual that gets along with their dog(s). In addition, the person must be familiar with the ways of a dog and be able to anticipate conflicts with other dogs that are out walking or playing in the parks.

Most dog owners consider their dogs’ members of the family and endeavor to find a trustworthy, accountable dog walker. Once a dog walker has successfully served a few families, he or she will begin to establish a reputation for reliable service. Furthermore, a dog walker who is familiar with the personalities and exercise habits of several different dog breeds is likely to earn more money than other dog walkers.

Generally, the typical rate for a dog walker is anywhere from $10 to $30 per 30 minute walk, but that really depends primarily on the location and additional services that may be provided, such as going to a dog park via pet taxi, walking more than one dog at once, or other daycare services. The annual salary for a dog walker would depend upon how many hours the person works per week walkin dogs.

For the sake of figuring this out and estimating a dog walker’s average annual salary, let’s use an example of a dog walker that can walk two dogs an hour for $15 each walk. They may be able to walk ten dogs per day, and we’ll assume that person works five days a week. This would amount to $150 per day, and $750 per week. The annual salary in this case would be $39,000, which does not include any vacation time or tips. Of course this really varies since some people may be able to walk more dogs or fewer dogs, while others may be able to charge more than $15 per walk.

This estimation of the earnings potential of a dog walker doesn’t include overheard like gas and car repairs, business licenses, insurance, and other costs associated with running a business. Importantly, it also does not take taxes into consideration either.

In short, dog walkers who dedicate themselves to the occupation are likely to find themselves in great demand.

Photo: Flickr