About Us

LucyAt DogWalker.com, we absolutely love dogs! DogWalker.com is a directory of independent dog walkers and dog walking services that was launched in December of 2009. Much like a phone directory but specific to dog walking, DogWalker.com makes it easier for dog owners to find local people who offer dog walks in their area.

DogWalker.com is owned and operated by a privately held company called Top Notch Domains, LLC. The company owns a number of websites in the pet vertical, including DogPark.com, DogGroomers.com, and CatSitter.com. The company is operated by Internet entrepreneur Elliot Silver.

DogWalker.com was created to make it easier to find a local dog walking service.

DogWalker.com is a directory of dog walking services and is NOT affiliated with ANY dog walkers or dog walking services listed on this website. The publisher does not review any claims made by any dog walkers or dog walking services on this website.

DogWalker.com, Top Notch Domains, LLC and its operators can not be held liable for any problems users may have with these third party companies whose listings are on DogWalker.com. Please be sure to read the website’s disclaimer for other information as well as the terms for using this website.

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