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A Friend for Fido

Experienced dog walker and Pet Sitter. I give mostly single one-on-one walks at a very affordable rate. I am insured and have plenty of references.

$12-30min, $18-hour, $25-2 hours+
(all times a minimum, usually I give more)
*discounts for multiple regular walks.

sitting average $40 a day (depending on needs)
$25 per day for cats.

My goal is to create an experience your dog can enjoy similar to when they are out with you. Every pet is different even the same breed in the same home.

I Provide much more time for your pet at a lower cost than most companies. I never walk more than two dogs at a time, and only if it would benefit the two (some dogs can be great friends and truly enjoy each others company).

I do not charge extra for puppies or cancellations. I charge only $2-3 more dollars for dogs of the same household.