5 Tips for a Successful Listing

A listing on DogWalker.com can help bring you business because hundreds of people visit the site each day looking for a local dog walker. The more listings on the site, the better the experience for the visitors and dog walkers. When you create your listing on DogWalker.com, I want you to get the most benefit out of it. Here are 5 tips for a successful listing:

  • Have a complete description that not only mentions your services, but it should also mention your accreditation, amount of time walking dogs, certifications, affiliations, awards, and any other valuable information. A listing should be the beginning of a relationship between you and a client.
  • Add a photograph or a logo to your listing. Not only will this enhance your listing page, but it will also make your listing stand out on the search results pages instead of the default graphic. If you don’t have a business logo, a picture of yourself or you and your dog is nice – it will help make a personal connection.
  • Be sure to list all zip codes and service areas. Don’t simply post “xyz county” – be sure to also include the towns and cities in that county to enhance your presence on the site. ┬áIf you work in Tampa, Florida, Don’t just post “Hillsborough County” because your listing won’t show up when someone searches “Tampa.”
  • Add a special “DogWalker.com Offer” that people will need to mention to you so you can track your results better. Some dog walking services offer $5.00 off the first walk when the client mentions the listing. This is a good way to know how people are finding you. This will also be an incentive for people to choose you over another company that doesn’t have a special offer.
  • Include your website (don’t forget the http://) so people can visit your site to learn more about you and your company. You can control the look and feel of your website more so than the DogWalker.com listing, and it will allow you to present more information to your potential clients.